Monday, November 8, 2010

Solomon's Island, Mariner's Museum

So this is like the best place on Solomon's Island to take the kids. They are entertained from the second the get there.


At the beginning of the museum is this grate hands on string ray pool. Occasionally you may get a little splash from one. The kids like getting wet even though mom is not so keen on it.


Then you can sail a way in a real wooden boat. Well you cant really sail away but the kids sure have fun pretending. 

Lots of old time dress up clothes for the kids to try on. I think Kayla was trying to reenact how she would have felt in the dress on a hot day.

Of course they had to have these cute would cut outs for the kids to model.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Hit the Beach

     Everyone enjoyed walking alone the sandy beach and letting the sand squish up in between there toes.  

 The girls may look dry in these photo's but they did not stay dry for long.

These have to be my favorite pics of the entire summer. My wonderful girls with the ocean behind us. 

Even Kaden was getting into the action.

Sisterly love.

Grandma and grandpa are watching while every one else is collecting  crabs.

School's Out It's Time to Let Loose and Get Tatoos

The kids went to a party company work party.  They had balloon animals, carnival games, food and
 thesevery cool glitter tatoos.

 Madison's gecko
My Sea horse
and Kayla's dolphin

The Many Faces of Kaden

 Kaden is the kind of boy who is comfortable playing in his sisters hat's and necklasces, along with holding there purses.
 He is best at being a little charmer and making us all laugh.
He is most often found singing  a song and giving out hugs.  My most favorite saying of his is " I love everybody".

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to school

Maddy all ready for her big day in middle school. I'm not sure who it was harder for me or her. I felt like I was feeding her to a pack a wolves. I can only trust that Justin and I have taught her to make good decisions.

Jordyn was very excited to get on the bus and meet new friends.

The most exciting part of the morning was having our neighbor the Sheriff park his car on the side of the  road. Lets just say all the cars passing by make sure they are going slow when the see his car.

At the end of the summer we watched these two sweet little girls who have become good friends with Maddy, Kayla  and Jordyn.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Turner Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with my brother Justin, his wife Chelsea and newborn Jackson in town visiting us. I think holding the baby won over playing some of the new games and toys. The top toy for Kaden was his choo choo trains.Kayla is enjoying her new DS Lite playing Super Mario and Diego. Jordyn is enjoying her time fixing her new American Girl doll Mia's hair and clothes. Maddy cannot be pulled away from her new camera and her dads gift (Rock Band).

My house has been shaking since Christmas and I have learned I may not be able to hold a note but if I scream the songs I get high scores. Rock Band is definitely the number one gift in our house this year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

First Anual Family Chritmas FHE

This year I decide it would be fun to invite a few of our friends to enjoy a FHE filled with carols hot chocolate and the Bull Run Festival of Lights. We had allot of fun and shared some wonderful holiday memories. This will be a first of many I hope.